One-Mantra: Natural Back-flow Incense

One-Mantra: Natural Back-flow Incense

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Incense has been used as a pathway to the spiritual throughout the millennia. Many different cultures have used the burning of specific herbs and concoctions as a means to purify the energy within the vessel. From clarity to peacefulness, incense has many effects within the spiritual realm. Transport yourself to a place of bliss with this Natural Back-flow Incense. 



Love, house blessing, fertility, healing to increase courage, induce prophetic dreams, and attract love to return calm energies to the home.


Spirituality, healing, protection, astral projection to heal and protect, also for purification. 


Cleansing, healing, love, happiness, relaxation, to induce rest and sleep, and to attract love.


Healing, love and purification.


love, money, dreams, purification, wisdom, skills, astral projection, to attract love and money, for luck in general, especially in matters relating to love.


Dreams, aphrodisiac


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